The Weight of Adulthood

Thanks to Sean for writing this blog. Sean was adopted aged 22 months.

“When you’re a kid stuff affects you less”.

Stuff affects you most when you’re young.

Some call it blissful ignorance or innocence but they’re wrong.

It affects you most when you’re young.

When you’re older you’re just able to understand the trauma.

When you’re young the trauma digs deep and roots itself like a weed and presents itself in the form of coping mechanisms.

It’s hard. Really hard.

People in their fifties still struggle with childhood trauma whether it is from their parents or a major tragedy such as the twin towers falling.

‘Trauma’ is from the Greek word for ‘wound’ or ‘damage’.
The belief that children are resilient is a myth made up by the adults who have hurt them.

As adults we’re often pressured into being together and prepared and mentally stable but a lot of adults are still trying to cope with their childhood ‘stuff’; especially men who are told to “man up” and “don’t act like a girl”, which is sexist, acting like women are the weaker sex even though the strongest people I know are women.

The strongest people I know are women.
Thanks to Sonya Vine for this painting.